Spotlight: Kirkland Gallery

Artwork by Drew Beson

Last week, I had an invitation to join the Blog Pantry ladies (a group of local female bloggers) at the newly opened Kirkland Gallery in Downtown Minneapolis.  The art gallery is beautiful!  Nestled right off of the light rail, Kirkland Gallery hosts some beautiful works from artists such as Gino Hollander, Drew Beson, Norm Korpi, as well as sculptures from Siri Hollander.  Please read after the jump to learn more about Kirkland Gallery and to see a photo tour of its current exhibit.

The current exhibitions are set up to show artwork in varying stages of life, from childhood to elderly age.  The result is a rich juxtaposition that brings up questions such as, how much work needs to be put into a piece to call it a work of art?  In one room, Mom Culture blogger Lenore Moritz, compiled an exhibition of Minneapolis childrens’ artwork to exemplify the creative process of youth, in which artwork is commonly produced without conscious regard to composition and ideas are unleashed freely on paper.  Pair the childrens’ room with the adjacent rooms which feature pieces from Gino Hollander, who in his 80’s, has accomplished a lifetime collection of art and is still working on a piece a day.  The young artists next to the experienced artist illustrates how far artists come from the carefree scribbling of youth to well-crafted compositions.

James Rutherford, owner of the Kirkland Gallery has a background in PR and developed relationships with the artists featured in his gallery throughout his career.  When an empty space became available in ground floor of the Historic Rand Tower, Rutherford could not resist the opportunity to create an art gallery on the corner of Marquette Avenue and 6th Street.  Kirkland Gallery provides the opportunity to see both locally and internationally renowned artists in one spot.  You may visit the gallery yourself at 527 Marquette Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55402. It is open Monday-Friday 10-6pm and Saturdays 10-1pm.

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